The Details:
you invite an unlimited amount of friends to a wine and cheese party and i show my artwork!  you receive 20% of sales in the form of a check or credit towards buying art from me.   i provide the wine and cheese.

a show can also be done as a fundraiser for your child’s school or your favorite non-profit.  i would display my work (with the permission and cooperation of your school or organization) and 20% of sales go the cause.


where are art jams hosted?

art jams are hosted at my platt park home, right in the midst of all the restaurants and shops!  if the art jam is for a special fundraising event, it can take place onsite.

how many people to find to be an optimal size for these gatherings?  is there a format you find that works in terms of length of time for the event and flow of the gathering?

i find that i’m most comfortable with an open house style gathering, rather than having a set time people have to be there to listen to a sales pitch.  instead, i like for people to come and go at their own pace, look at the art, drink some wine, and ask any questions they have for me one on one or in small groups.  picture organic conversation instead of the demonstrations or presentations and sales pitches that you might think of when you consider doing a home show.  that being said, with people coming and going throughout the event, i find a 3 or 4 hour gap works best, with an unlimited guest list.  ultimately, i would love to have at least 10-30 people come through the house during a 3-4 hour period of time.  i find inviting the more people, the better, for getting this kind of a turn out.  that being said, if a hostess has 10 people she knows are very interested in seeing new art, that is great too.   if i have less than 7 RSVPs two days before, i will cancel or reschedule the event with you.

What is the price range of your art-work?
my work ranges from $20-2,000.  for shows like this, i like to offer a range of work priced $20-100.  people like to see a few big “wow” pieces which are naturally more expensive, so i generally bring a few for show.  but most of what i aim to sell at these shows are $20 prints, wooden reproductions priced $50-75, and growth charts for $45. 

What is your hope for this event – selling art, building connection/community, getting more folks to host a pop up show?
 you and i will hopefully create an experience that both builds my business and blossoms your own community by creating a fun, inspiring backdrop for your friends to not only speak with me about art (mine and art in general) but also with each other about what inspires them and what they want to do in their own creative lives.  hopefully it will inspire them to discuss, ponder, and leave wondering how they might further pursue their own dreams.