come paint with me!

my workshops are all about exploring, playing, testing, trying, wondering, taking chances, making mistakes, and experimenting.  something you will hear me say over and over again is, “try it and see what happens“!   workshops are intended for every level of painter – from those who would consider themselves “totally non-creative” (bogus, i say!), to the hobbiest, to the professional. 

what you can expect:
the point of these workshops is to be free, to play, to explore.  you may or may not walk away with something you would like to hang on your wall, but you absolutely WILL walk away with a new found sense of wonder and freedom in your creative life!  and you WILL gather countless new tools, tips, and tricks for creating a layered, whimsical painting of your own.  you WILL walk away with a new found knowledge of how to walk into an art supply store and find what you need.

* we will play with layers and layers of paint
* experiment with various mark makers and supplies
* paint with your fingers
* use a variety of paint brushes
* paint with your eyes closed
* doodle
* take risks, play, laugh, wonder, and experiment
* make mistakes, paint over them, try and try again
* learn cara’s tools, tips, and tricks that she uses on every painting

what people are saying:

"cara is a fun, sweet, and creative instructor.  her use of other mediums like poetry to help you unthink and think are refreshing.  she is kind and generous with feedback."

"cara is a gift to the world, not only as a talented artist, but also as an art teacher." 

"this was a fun, relaxing, and interesting time to explore."

"cara's workshop is a creative way to invest your time to explore your hidden talent, passion, and build new skills that will take you far in art." 

"this workshop was fantastic.  i have never been a painter but i felt like i was able to learn a lot of new techniques and walk away with a couple of paintings."

"cara's workshop is great for the mind, soul, and heart."

"I found her process fun and therapeutic at the same time!"

upcoming workshops:

workshops run from 10am – 4pm and are held atConverge Denver, in the RiNo Art District of north denver, with an hour and a half lunch break from 12:30-2pm.  lunch is not included but there are many fabulous restaurants and coffee shops on the street that you can walk to and enjoy during your break time.

workshop cost is $175 and includes all supplies needed, instruction, and endless support and encouragement!

what to bring with you: 

a playful spirit!

an open heart, mind, and all of your big, brave heart!!!

***please bring an apron or wear paint clothes that can be stained with acrylic paint.***