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The Unbound Painting Studio Kit is perfect for when you are painting-curious, but don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars (again) on a new hobby where you don’t really know what you need.  And then what if you don't like the products you buy?  Oh yea, and what in the heck are you even supposed to DO with all of this stuff??? 


Over twelve years of painting and teaching, I have a curated list of everything I keep on my studio painting table and I have given you a little bit of all of it on this portable home studio kit.


The Deluxe Kit includes everyting from Starter Kit plus 3 upgrades and 8 extras:

1 pack of 5 paint brushes

3 sponge brushes, varying sizes

2 Stencils

12 small tubes of paint 

1 canvas pouch for writing utensils 

2 stamps 

1 black ink pen

1 colored gel pen (Colors will vary)

1 piece of graphite

4 circle sponge brushes

3 watercolor crayons (Colors will vary)

2 plastic cards for scraping and applying paint

1 spray bottle

2 mascara wands

1 textured roller

1 textured brush

1  paint pallette (Colors will vary)

1 apron (Not pictured)

1 paint water cup for brushes

1 shop towel for easy clean up

2 canvas boards 11"x14"

1 CUTE carrying tote to pop it all in (Not pictured)

Shipped in cardboard mailer (Shipping is extra, local pickup available)

Deluxe Kits ALSO Include 3 Upgrades and 8 Extras:

1 sketchbook

2 chalk pastels (Colors will vary)

1 small tube of fluorescent paint (Color will vary)

1 small tube of metallic paint  (Color will vary)

3 gel crayons (Colors will vary)

2  chunky artist crayons (Black and white)

1 crayon sharpener (Color will vary)

3 extra stencils (Upgrade)

1 felted wool supply pouch (Upgrade - colors will vary)

12  additional paint colors  (Upgrade)

2 textured stamps 

ALSO Includes:

A handy dandy kit insert with oodles of tips and tricks about how to use the supplies you purchased AND a QR code to take you to a super secret unboxing video, in which Cara will introduce you to each supply and when she uses it and why she likes it.  


Worth Noting:

Products in the kit may slightly vary by brand and color depending on availability, however, the value, quality, and quantity will remain the same. 


The Unbound Painting Studio Deluxe Kit

  • Returns, Refunds, and Exhchanges:
    All purchases are final.  Returns, refunds and exchanges will not be given.

    Each kit is fulfilled as it is purchased, therefore, they will be ready for shipping or local pickup 10 days after you have made your purchase. If you have purchased your kit as an add-on to a workshop, your kit will be available to you the day of class. 

    Worth Noting: 
    Products in the kit may slightly vary by brand depending on availability, however, the value, quality, and quantity will remain the same. 

    *Shipping is extra*
    *Local pick-up available for no additional charge*

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