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I can't wait to paint with you!
XO - Cara

what is intuitive painting?

Intuitive painting is about stepping towards the canvas without a plan. Scratch that. There is a plan - the plan is to embrace the pure freedom and sweet relief that comes from engaging in an activity without any rules or expectations of perfection, glory, completion, or outcome. Intuitive painting is a portal by which we can practice without performing. Express without expectation. Explore without an end goal in mind.

It is the act of creating a painting simply for the sake of moving paint around a canvas. It is all about the process. The moment. The hour, no, the minute before you. It begs the question, “I wonder what will happen if I . . . ?”.  

Intuitive painting is gentle, juicy, and soulful. And of course, it is infused with laughter, fun, and unfiltered joy!


anging in there

get to know cara h

Cara believes that life is beautiful.  She also knows that it is messy, confusing, and sometimes downright cruel.  There is no denying or sugar coating that. But after walking through both relentless loss and pure joy, Cara has become intent upon embracing both the beauty within the mess. The light and the dark. The triumph and the challenges.  She explores and expresses this beautiful mess through the art of intuitive painting in her St. Louis home studio loft.  And there’s not much more she would like than to bring you along with her for the wild, bumpy, glorious ride in her workshops and retreats! Well, except maybe chicken and waffles.  She loves chicken and waffles.   No matter, we can grab those along the way!



It isn’t hard to find the dark spots in life. They are everywhere. What is more interesting is cultivating the ability to splash color and light around. Even in the midst of the darkness.

-Cara hajres

what can I expect from intuitive painting with cara?

Painting with Cara is a practice in both releasing and receiving. Releasing expectations, rules, and judgement.  Receiving freedom, possibility, and refreshment for your weary soul. Inviting both your vulnerability and your strength into the journey.  Allowing for your raw humanness, while embracing your badass, superhero self!  You can expect to be nurtured.  You will laugh, and you might cry.


There is a different tone here.  Cara  is a combo of your sweet grandma and your mouthy best girlfriend. Time with Cara is always a judgement free zone.  Ten years of practicing psychotherapy creates a therapeutic flavor to the work she does. Her unedited and relatable authenticity, acceptance, and “realness”, laced with humor and words of encouragement, will propel you into feeling safe to unravel and come alive.  


upcoming events

"Thank you! Really enjoyed yesterday and have been reflecting a ton. So grateful for your space! And I already had coffee with a good artist friend and talked about my painting process yesterday ... I think this is just what I needed to come out of my shell."

- Ally W.

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